After spending nearly a decade writing and editing for the photo giant, B&H Photo, I went into business for myself. Now I write and edit for a variety of clients and publications. When I'm not in the city I love to explore the Adirondack Mountains. Hiking/walking (depending on location), kayaking, yoga, and meditating are just a few of the things I enjoy spending my non-working hours doing. I also love dogs, and hope to have a few of my own someday. For now, I live vicariously through the dog owners I meet. 

I graduated from Columbia College Chicago in 2007, with a BFA in photography and a minor in creative non-fiction. Prior to college, I was a long track speed skater, traveling the colder, snowier parts of the continent--going between a small handful of towns that also happened to be home to speed skating ovals. I also ran NCAA Div III cross-country and was a road cyclist. 

My clients include B&H Photo, the architectural photographer Barbara Karant, authors Lynn Sloan and Julie Justicz, small business owners, The Wild Center Natural History Museum, and numerous companies in the photo world, including PortaBrace and Tamrac, among others. I have been published professionally by B&H Photo in New York under the pseudonym, Megan Iverson, and I have also been published in various anthologies and magazines such as LOCALadk.