After spending nearly a decade writing and editing for the photo giant, B&H Photo, I went into business for myself. Now I write and edit for a variety of clients and publications. When I'm not in the city I love to explore the Adirondack Mountains. Hiking/walking (depending on location), kayaking, yoga, and meditating are just a few of the things I enjoy spending my non-working hours doing. I also love dogs, and hope to have a few of my own someday. For now, I live vicariously through the dog owners I meet. 

I graduated from Columbia College Chicago in 2007, with a BFA in photography and a minor in creative non-fiction. Prior to college, I was a long track speed skater, traveling the colder, snowier parts of the continent--going between a small handful of towns that also happened to be home to speed skating ovals. I also ran NCAA Div III cross-country and was a road cyclist. 

My clients include B&H Photo, the architectural photographer Barbara Karant, authors Lynn Sloan and Julie Justicz. I have been published professionally by B&H Photo in New York under the pseudonym, Megan Iverson, and I have also been published in various anthologies and magazines such as LOCALadk, Adirondack Life, the Adirondack Explorer, and Woods Reader.