The Wonders of The Visual Thesaurus


Anyone who writes for a living knows what The Visual Thesaurus is--it's that magical wonderland of words, glorious words. Whenever I feel that I've used an adjective, or any other word for that matter, too many times I plunk it into the good of VT, and instantly a beautiful interactive map of alternatives appears on my screen. I suppose I could use a paper thesaurus, but it wouldn't be quite so satisfying (I'll admit that sometimes I still do use one), nor would it produce so many options on demand. 

I've used the site for years as a professional tool, and I'll be a diehard member for life (can I get a discount for that?). I had to renew my membership today, and it reminded just how much I love the site. It's how I keep my writing fresh, while at the same time expanding my vocabulary. Subscriptions are reasonably priced, especially when you consider the value you're getting. If you have never used it, go and check it out right now! I can't be responsible if you fall down a rabbit hole of word searches, however.